Jorge Osorio
Field Engineer, ABB-METZ (colleague) worked directly with you

Heinz has been working as Quality Control +
IT Communications, Head-leasing for ABB - Metz Group at NOVOINVEST - ABB / Metz Group. and mangment position, in diffrent projects in Germany, he is a hard work, very reliable, and excellent lead worker - September 9, 2008

Oliver Babic
Mech. Eng. for turbines and turbogenerators, Thermal Power Plant "Nikola Tesla" (colleague) worked directly with you

Heinz-Werner's work is professional and knowledgeable. He has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the Quality Control & IT Commuications. He demonstrates excellent qualities by readily assisting others and works in a proactive mode and according to the rules. The work he performs is carried out sequentially that has a direct effect on maintaining the planned schedule. He demonstrates his skills very effectively and efficiently. I am highly recommending him for any future work. He would make a great asset to any organization. He would have a very positive effect on the quality and schedule of any project - September 9, 2008

Schröder Heinz-Werner
Belingerstrasse 63
D-54516 Wittlich
Tel: +49-6571-951010
Fax: +49-6571-951011
GSM: +49-1525-1783913